Junkfood Science: Note to My Readers

May 22, 2015

Note to My Readers

Dear Readers,

Thank you, again, for your continued support. I still passionately believe that everyone deserves sound information about their bodies and health, food and the world we live in. I also believe that public policies and clinical guidelines should be based on sound science and reasoned risk-benefit analysis, and to have been proven to actually help and not harm to people. Sadly, that's most often not the case today. Most pop science - what is called "science" in media and politics, being taught in academia today, and popularly believed – is often the furthest thing from the reasoned, careful scientific process that has guided progress and advancement over the past century…and is not real science at all. Fear has proven to be a great technique to sell products and policies, but is almost never credible.

It's becoming increasingly difficult, and often nearly impossible, for people (consumers and professionals alike) to find credible and factual information. Internet searches and search engines now pull up predominately marketing, political and agenda-driven content screened and sanitized to reflect what some want you to think and believe. Credible science, original sources and objective critical analyses rarely appear. Media, in general, has become an expanse of junk science, disinformation and doublespeak, politics and marketing. Even formerly credible sources, organizations and publications have to be read with a critical eye. All of us are now on our own to question everything, seek out original sources and do our own fact-checking, research and critical thinking. You'll be surprised at how much of what "everyone knows" is not true.

As a medical professional, it is extremely troubling to see history repeating itself with the rise of healthism and anti-science, and how medical ethics has been redefined to no longer protect individuals, but to increase the power and control of government over lives.

My personal commitment is unchanged. I have updated the links on the right side of this blog to provide you with alternative information sources and tools to help you critically examine the studies and news reports we encounter everyday. On the lower right hand column, you'll also find a search engine to search on topics of interest from past posts. I'm leaving this site up in hopes that the information will continue to be of help to you and your loved ones.


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