Junkfood Science: Private note to regular readers

February 02, 2009

Private note to regular readers

Dear readers, friends and fellow medical professionals,

I wanted to personally thank you all. You’ve become such friends and been so generous in sharing your expertise, encouragement and support. Your enthusiasm for JFS and science has been heart warming and helped to keep going.

Those who know me know that I took these years to work on JFS without a salary for no other reason than that I truly believe people deserve honest information and to learn what the science and evidence really shows about their food, bodies and health. JFS has tried to be the balance to the bad science, commercial interests and ideological agendas, proliferating in media and online, that take advantage of people, create fear and hurt people. I’ve worked hard to give you information that is as true as I know it to be. I have a special soft spot for protecting babies, children, pregnant women, elderly and the most vulnerable; and for evidence-based care and medical ethics. I genuinely hope that JFS has helped you.

Please don’t worry, these aspirations and values haven’t been depleted, just the savings. Despite the intense disinformation campaign by well-financed opponents claiming I’m a paid industry shill, I’ve never taken money from any industry or special interest, nor am I being paid by a marketing company.

So, it’s back to work I go. My new job will take my full-time attention, but I will continue to post as best I can. I ask for your understanding, along with my sincere gratitude.



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