Junkfood Science: What will $150 million buy?

January 19, 2009

What will $150 million buy?

$150 million would:

Feed 2.5 million starving people in Kenya for six months

Provide vaccinations for 82.5 million children in third world countries

Provide preventive dentistry and sealants to 1 million underpriviledged children in the U.S.

Feed every poor child in the U.S. experiencing hunger for 2 ½ months

Purchase protective gear for 150,000 U.S. fire fighters

Purchase 500 new fire trucks or 300 new rescue vehicles for U.S. communities

Provide a week of groceries for every household in the U.S. experiencing hunger

Provide health insurance for 100,000 Americans for a year

Fund four-year college tuitions for 2,500 students

Hire 2,100 policemen and sheriff officers

Buy 6 million library books

Purchase 84,000 computers for public schools

Hire 2,600 new teachers for American public schools

Give every unemployed American $13

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