Junkfood Science: A special thanks

December 22, 2008

A special thanks

Thank you so much, Dr. John Brignell, Ph.D., for your incredibly kind acknowledgment and encouragement. I hope all of the science-minded readers at Number Watch whom you’ve generously tutored and mentored over the years are pushing your PayPal button, too!

Hopefully, the PayPal button at Junkscience is also getting a work-out this holiday season. A special thanks to Barry Hearn for truly going above and beyond, and for all of your readers who’ve sent countless notes of encouragement. It’s an honor and a privilege to be on the side of good (and not the bad or ugly!) in the scientific process and fight against fraud.

Just imagine if everyone got for Christmas a copy of Epidemiologists— Have they got scares for you! and Junk Science Judo what a happier new year everyone might have. No more scare of the day and the wacky, harmful and costly things that result.

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