Junkfood Science: A quick tidbit

August 28, 2008

A quick tidbit

News reported today that the Canadian Medical Association closed its 141st annual meeting, formally adopting a major anti-obesity resolution.

The CMA has partnered with the Canadian Obesity Network to provide the clinical care guidances and models for obesity prevention and management for the provincial/territorial medical communities. According to CON’s press release:

CMA Resolution Looks to Canadian Obesity Network for Prevention, Treatment Models

With a resolution adopted at its 141st annual meeting last week, the Canadian Medical Association has formally encouraged provincial medical associations to address the growing obesity epidemic - specifically, by partnering with the Canadian Obesity Network. "Obesity is the new Canadian epidemic," Dr. Richard Tytus, McMaster University associate professor and CON member, told CMA delegates...

Irving Gold, chairman of CON's board of directors [said]: "The Canadian Obesity Network and its members look forward to working with Canada's medical community to address the devastating consequences of this disease, and we applaud the wisdom of the CMA general council."... "Obesity is now recognized as a chronic disease that needs to be dealt with through a coordinated, national approach," says Dr. Arya M. Sharma, scientific director for CON...

“The Canadian Obesity Network is ideally situated to help the medical community by providing tools and learning opportunities based on the latest available scientific evidence that physicians need to effectively prevent and treat obesity. The CMA's resolution is a call to action to address this important issue.”

Background information on CON can be found here. As readers may also remember, CON is based at the University of Guelph, which now offers a degree in fat. Its attention to science was exampled here. Readers can, no doubt, put the pieces together.

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