Junkfood Science: Killer cookies?

August 10, 2008

Killer cookies?

Since Australian officials implemented the traffic light system in school cafeterias last year and banned red-light foods like cookies and chips, kids are bringing the snacks in their lunch bags. It seems this is frustrating school officials, upset that they don’t have the power to confiscate foods they don’t believe are healthy for kids, when they’re brought from home and packed by their parents. A state school organization president accused parents of “killing their kids” with bad food.

WA schools full of food 'junkies'

CHILDREN are defying a junk-food ban in school canteens by smuggling in fattening snacks and selling them to classmates. Frustrated teachers reveal they are powerless to stop many children who bring unhealthy treats from home in their bags. “I've even seen them selling chocolates to their classmates at school. It's almost like they're dealing drugs,'” said a teacher...

Education Minister Mark McGowan conceded...“we can't police what foods children bring to school. If teachers notice a particular child selling junk food on the side, I encourage them to alert the school principal...''

Obesity was a serious issue, which was why the Carpenter Government required all public school canteens or food services to have healthy menus, Mr McGowan said... Rob Fry, president of peak parent group the WA Council of State School Organisations, said parents should realise they were “killing their kids” with bad food...

I couldn’t find the study of deadly cookies, chocolate and chips.

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