Junkfood Science: Bariatric surgery for babies

August 23, 2008

Bariatric surgery for babies

Here’s a well-done website that everyone who cares about the growing epidemic of fat babies should check out: BabyBariatrics.com. Please give careful consideration to its arguments and supportive evidence before deciding if surgery is right for your baby. To see if your baby qualifies, Dr. Jeffery describes his revolutionary new diagnostic technology:

Introducing the Diginostic™ 5000-XR

By combining a deuterium core that is energized with an oxy-phosphorus gel, and relying on the phosphorus found in Cathode Ray Tubes or the crystals that are in liquid form in LCD monitors, it is now possible to give a thorough diagnostic test via your computer monitor. In the future this technology will be common place, but currently Dr. Jeffery is the only authorized user of this futuristic technology. As the military is currently negotiating rights to the technology used in the Diginostic™ 5000-XR, it may be some time before other doctors can offer you the time saving option of being diagnosed in your own home or office.

Dr. Jeffery explains the serious health conditions associated with obesity and introduces the new BabyBand for parents wanting to prevent the onset of obesity in their toddler. Answers to any questions and concerns will be found at the Q&A. Then, click on the link to enable Dr. Jeffery to carefully screen your baby to see if he/she qualifies for the surgery, and don’t forget to complete the pre-qualification questionnaire.

Most importantly, don’t miss the Disclaimer.

Yes, this is a spoof. But sometimes those can help us see reality more clearly than all the research in the world.

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Thanks Dave!

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