Junkfood Science: Friday fun: Cake for breakfast

July 25, 2008

Friday fun: Cake for breakfast

Cakespy, a baker and fellow cake lover, wrote a lighthearted piece on the joys of cake. A bite of cake, with its buttery blossom of flavor that melts into creamy sweetness, she says “may be as close to heaven as one can possibly get while still on earth.”

Cake For Breakfast: Observations on a Forbidden Treat

Wake up for Cake! Cake for breakfast. The phrase strikes a shiver of happiness in our very souls. We're talking serious cake here — frosted, maybe layered, as in a slice of birthday or wedding cake — or a cupcake would do, of course. It's the ultimate luxury — far more indulgent than any doughnut, far more delicious than any muffin could ever aspire to be. Everyone does it sometimes — and yet, most are covert about this pleasure, only admitting it in a slightly embarrassed way, as if frightened it might be a problem (as you can see from this posting on Apartment Therapy). Well, we say, no more embarrassment! We took it upon ourselves to explore this phenomenon and muse on its appeal — and also came up with a quick list of justifications for why it's just fine to eat cake for breakfast:

[Rest of article here.]

Her readers couldn't imagine there are people who don't. Frosted cake for breakfast may be as valuable as the pizza test!

Her last reason was the very best. :-)

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