Junkfood Science: Moo-woo

April 15, 2008


So, what sort of unproven energy claims led the National Institutes of Health and NCCAM to list an exercise as an alternative modality, you ask? :) Today’s news from the UK explains:

Moo-ves to improve milk yield

...Dairymen and women, tanker drivers and herdsmen from across Shropshire have been striking tai chi poses to bring an additional uplift to their cows, fields and farmyards.

Given the state of the fields, you could say it was more dung-fu than kung-fu.

While many stalwarts may frown on the approach, Church Stretton farmer Tristan Dale and Pimhill’s Ginny Mayall are both convinced their moves are having a positive effect... Each of the movements has been assigned a series of easy-to-follow instructions created for the agriculturally minded, with names like “up with the lark”, “lazily buttoning overalls” and “arms like tractor wheels”...

Tai Chi 'moo-ves' mean more milk

A Devon dairy farmer says performing Tai Chi in front of his cows has improved the quality and quantity of their milk. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that uses slow motion routines to promote health and wellbeing. Robert Taverner, from Exeter, said Tai Chi helped him relax, which also helped the cows relax.

He said: "The happier I am, the happier the cows are. And the happier they are, the more milk they produce." He began Tai Chi eight months ago as part of a marketing ploy by the Federation of Organic Milk Groups....

Tai cheese, anyone?

A dairy farmer who believes a happy cow is a productive cow has discovered an unusual way to relax his herd and increase milk yields – tai chi. Cow tai chi.

Rob Taverner performs the ancient martial art in front of his 100 cows every morning to get them in the right moo-d to produce lots of milk...

[Photo: Metro.co.uk]

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