Junkfood Science: Commentary: You only think you’re hearing all the news

April 21, 2008

Commentary: You only think you’re hearing all the news

In light of what Kathleen and other scientists are going through, and the fact that there continues to be no scientific support for the ongoing scares being directed at innocent young parents over mercury exposures and vaccinations for their children, it is egregious that this article published in the British Medical Journal last week has not even been reported.

As Owen Dyer wrote in the Journal on April 19th:

Wakefield admits fabricating events

The doctor whose study triggered a collapse in public confidence in the combined measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine told a disciplinary panel last week that he made up details of his son’s birthday party—at which he took blood samples from several children—when giving a speech in California.

Andrew Wakefield was one of the authors of the 1998 Lancet paper on inflammatory bowel disease and autism. He is now facing a General Medical Council fitness to practise panel, accused of serious professional misconduct, alongside two other authors of the study, Simon Murch and John Walker-Smith.

Dr. Wakefield’s comments at a press conference announcing the paper, where he linked the MMR vaccine to a risk of autism, led to a public health scare that saw uptake of the vaccine dip below 80%. The Lancet later repudiated the paper, after it emerged that Dr Wakefield had extensive financial ties to lawyers and families who were pursuing the manufacturers of the vaccine in the courts and that most of his research participants were litigants...

The case continues.

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