Junkfood Science: DNA warehouse legislation update

March 21, 2008

DNA warehouse legislation update

According to Twila Brase, RN, President of the Citizens' Council on Health Care, proposals are already being made to test baby’s blood for genetic tendancies for obesity, asthma, diabetes and even tendancies towards violence. In 2003, the Minnesota Department of Health tested the blood of newborns for five conditions. After the legislature gave it the ability add additional tests to newborn screenings without having to seek permission, today, the State tests for 54 conditions, one of the highest number in the country.

As an update to last week's JFS story on the collection by State Departments of Health across the country of genetic material on newborn babies to use for genetic research without parents’ consent, Ms Brase has just released a YouTube video on the issue in her state that may be viewed here.

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