Junkfood Science: Diets don’t work, but keep dieting anyway?

January 13, 2008

Diets don’t work, but keep dieting anyway?

Here’s one marketing campaign that didn’t last long. What happened to their acknowledgement that diets don’t work? Today, Weight Watchers general manager is reported as blaming fat women for not continuing to diet and for not losing weight! As the Australian Age reports, the diet company manager said fat women have given up and are in denial about the need to lose weight:

Overweight women 'surrender to obesity'

… A Newspoll survey conducted for Weight Watchers showed that 35% of Australian women who described themselves as overweight had become apathetic about losing weight. They also said they had not tried to lose weight in in the previous 12 months….Weight Watchers general manager Sarah Verne said Australians were in denial about their need to lose weight….

"People are starting to think that being overweight is normal and therefore acceptable and not something they need be concerned about."…

[Link in headline to full article.]

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