Junkfood Science: Happy Thanksgiving wishes!

November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving wishes!

He came into the grocery store every Wednesday morning. Frail and hunched over, with arthritic hands he held onto the cart as if for support, as he made his way slowly down the aisles. At the check-out stand there were always the same items in his cart:
7 cans of chili
7 TV dinners
a loaf of white bread
7 bananas

Every week was exactly the same. Month after month.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I hoped I would see only 6 of the items in his cart and know that he had someplace to go for a hot, home-cooked meal and wouldn't be alone the next day...

Years later, I still think of him.

I hope that this Thanksgiving finds each of you together with loved ones and people who care for you, sharing a delicious meal and surrounded by warmth and happiness. May we all count our blessings today.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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