Junkfood Science: You’re fine just how you are

October 31, 2007

You’re fine just how you are

A picture is worth a thousand words. This T-shirt graphic was designed by Allan Faustino and has become the topic of the day because it powerfully illustrates the futility and heartbreak of trying to become something you were never naturally meant to be. Just as this adorable little rhino can never become a unicorn — which is a fictitious, unattainable figure, anyway — a genetically fat person can’t just become a thin one.

As anonymous writer at Kate Harding's, who brought this precious story, said, the rhino’s only failing is in being a rhino instead.

“I just want to tear that poster down and coax him out to the open plains, where he can run freely, far from the oppressive eye of his impossible aspirational image,” she wrote. “With the speed of a rhino. They’re actually pretty great athletes! But you know, oh their poor joints etc. etc.”

And her boyfriend’s response was what every little blue rhino should hear: “I want to tell the rhino that he’s just fine how he is.”

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