Junkfood Science: Milkshake Friday: More important things

October 26, 2007

Milkshake Friday: More important things

Maya’s Granny has written a lovely little post about how good it feels to be free from dieting and obsessions with her body. Eating normally — meaning enjoying everything and not counting calories or grams of whatever, or eating certain foods she believed might make her thinner — has given her so much extra time and energy to live life and contribute to the world and the loved ones in her life. Living by calories in and calories out has become so commonplace, it's easy to forget that it's not natural or healthful. Well worth a read in its entirety. Here is a taste:


Know any people like this? Folks who focus on the world through the lens of weight? I used to be one. For most of my adult life I weighed every morning. Felt guilty and incomplete if I hadn't. And I had all these insane rules about that....

The other side of that coin, is figuring out how much exercise I'd done for the day. Pedometers. Stop watches. The little meter on the exercise machine. Figuring out if I had exercised enough to allow me to have a few calories more.

Oh, and the third side — counting those calories or points or carbs or whatever when they went in. Adding fiber to things so that they would fill me up sooner and transit the system faster, taking some extra calories along with them...

Do you have any idea how good it feels to be sane at last? To have a healthy relationship with food? To have time and energy to think about other things?

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