Junkfood Science: Living life to the fullest and loving your body

October 21, 2007

Living life to the fullest and loving your body

Cultural esthetics are cyclical things. Fat was long appreciated in poetry, books, art and sculpture. In today’s thin world, hearing fat people talked about in warm, understanding, and supportive ways is a precious thing.

Those of size deserve to see themselves positively, and nurture and care for themselves in loving ways. And have others do the same. Thinness, youth and ideal health indices are not prescripts for worthiness to live, love and laugh. They do not bring meaning and purpose to life. They do not make someone kind, smart or amazing. People of all shapes and sizes, colors, age and physical abilities deserve to know that they are valued. Everyone deserves the chance to live their lives to the fullest.

A very special piece from a rare male voice in body acceptance was written by David McFarland. This is a personal, tender piece with tips on living FAt. [F-fat A-acceptance]

This article deserves a permanent place in size acceptance literature and Karen Stimson at Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem, has devoted a page to it in the archives. You can read the entire piece here. Print it out, carry it with you, share it with a loved one...and live it.

10 Tips on Living FAt

Slow down. There are millions of wonderful things you can do with your soft, round body....You are not built for speed...move at your own pace and chose your own distance.

Wear comfortable clothes. You’re not going to get thin by punishing yourself with clothes that do not fit...You’re a big person, and you will be noticed, so anticipate it positively. It’s okay to use clothes to show off your delicious body....

Eat in front of people. You have a right to fuel your body. You have a right to enjoy your food...You are not the cause of global warming. You are not the reason for global starvation. Live your life and let it show....

Get yourself comfortable with gravity, as often as it takes...Take the time. Make it a Zen thing. It’s a way of respecting yourself. Enjoy it....

Stand as tall as you are and let whatever sticks out just stick out. Walk like you have a right to support and transport your sweet, round, body....

Go for a walk. Walking is way better than sweating on a machine. The scenery changes and maybe you’ll interact with other people who also have real lives....

Stop watching The Biggest Loser.

Be nice to fat people. Your society has conditioned you, from youth, to snub or ignore fat people. Get over it....

This is your one real life. Eat real food.

Quit Googling fat. Read about something else. Every list like this you read is time you could spend learning something fun. Delete everything fat from your bookmarks. Live life.

Thank you, David, for sharing this with JFS readers.

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