Junkfood Science: “Fat Camps” for Tots

October 20, 2007

“Fat Camps” for Tots

Now, babies and toddlers with puppy fat are being sent off to “fat camps” to educate them and their parents about ‘healthy’ foods and exercise. News from Britain reports:

Now Under Fives are Sent Off to ‘Fat Camp’

BRITAIN’S first “fat camp” for children under five will open within weeks to treat some of the worst cases of infant obesity. A leading expert is so concerned about the number of overweight young children that he has designed a residential course for them and their families. The aim of the course devised by Paul Gately, Professor of Exercise and Obesity at Leeds Metropolitan University, is to begin the slow process of re-educating them about food and exercise. He said: “With 25 percent of pre-school children now overweight, we’ve got to act to help parents get children to the correct weight for their age and height.”...

“It’s imperative that parents know how to spot signs of an overweight toddler.”... The National Obesity Forum said that although the idea of a “ fat camp” for toddlers sounded shocking, it was the best way to get children on to the right path....

Let’s look at the evidence in support of such claims and interventions for babies and toddlers:

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