Junkfood Science: Dear Readers

August 08, 2007

Dear Readers

Junkfood Science has grown tremendously in just a few short months, with half a million visitors in just the first half of this year — and with no chat forum, these numbers reflect those of you coming here just to read the contact. Your support and enthusiasm have also been overwhelming in the hundreds of emails you send each day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is clearly an appreciation — from professionals to consumers — for a source for the straight scoop and, at least, a different perspective.

Prospective sponsors haven’t recognized this yet, though, but I wanted to assure you that the search continues. It was literally a 20/7 job to do the research and writing for this website and, regrettably, those beans and tortillas were only able to stretch my savings so far. A number of you have written in concern and noticed that posts have lessened in frequency and depth over the past month or so. I want to assure you that my commitment and passion have not waned. It is simply that those adages — “don’t quit your day job” and “truth is starved out” — have proven accurate. So, I ask for your patience and understanding for awhile.

I hope that the articles here, while less frequent, will continue to help you, nurture your critical thinking skills, and help you recognize when you’re being manipulated by marketing interests and not hearing the most careful science. And I sincerely hope this blog will continue to help you and your loved ones know that the world we live in isn’t such a scary, dangerous place; and that our foods, health and bodies aren’t something to fear.

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