Junkfood Science: Tips for readers

July 08, 2007

Tips for readers

Several readers have requested this information, so here are a few tips for finding and sharing the links to posts.

Most bloggers and websites use “permalinks” which enable you to go to the desired article, where ever it is, on the home page or archives. On Blogger, they are found at the active “date” on the bottom of every post. Simply right click on that date and you can copy the link (URL) for that particular post to share with your friends, family and colleagues. Blog Studio offers more information on permalinks here.

Some bloggers also have RSS feeds [which stands for "Really Simple Syndication"] activated on their sites to make it easier for readers to keep track of their favorite websites automatically. Junkfood Science also offers this capability. There are countless web feed services that use the RSS feeds to let you know when your favorite blogs have posted something new. The online service I use is Bloglines, which is free and has no software that needs to be downloaded or installed onto your computer. You simply enter the blogs and websites you want to keep track of and each time you log onto Bloglines, it will give you all of the new posts that have appeared since you last visited. You can get more information about it here.

Hope this helps!

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