Junkfood Science: Pediatric Grand Rounds

July 01, 2007

Pediatric Grand Rounds

The new edition of Pediatric Grand Rounds has just been released at Breath Spa for Kids. Shinga has compiled an interesting collection of pediatric health articles written by doctors, nurses and parents. Providing comfort and advocacy for children facing medical challenges was the topic of several touching articles by parents.

Offering sound information and research to counter popular fears and misconceptions concerning kids was the theme among a number of superb articles from medical professionals. A few of special note:

Med Journal Watch took a critical look at the study debating the role of birth order on IQ. He offered some helpful insights about how to interpret IQ numbers. Treatment Online reported on recent research form Michigan State University on the role of stress in children’s development of social skills and academic performance. In light of the recent focus on fitness among school children, they offered a possible sounder avenue for improving outcomes for kids facing discrimination, poverty and other life stresses.

Fears about autism and its link to immunizations and bad foods was an especially big focus in this edition of PGR. Here in the U.S., we have the Autism Omnibus hearings, while the General Medical Council is holding hearings in the UK this month concerning Dr Andrew Wakefield. Shinga’s own series makes an excellent place to begin exploring the science on autism issues in the news.

Thank you, Shinga, for including Junkfood Science in this edition and for hosting PGR this week, even while in the midst of terrorist bombing threats in the UK.

To all of our friends in the UK, you are in our thoughts — please keep safe.

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