Junkfood Science: Grand Rounds

July 17, 2007

Grand Rounds

The Official Grand Rounds, Volume 3.43, has just been published at VitumMedicinus.com. This is an exceptional edition. Not only is there an impressive collection of scholarly, entertaining and thought-provoking articles written by medical professionals across the internet, but the excellent host, a Canadian medical student, went above and beyond to explain why each winning article is worth our time to read.

Junkfood Science readers will find the food theme fun. If you look closely at the pictures alongside each entry, you’ll learn that author’s favorite food. Chocolate, ice cream and burgers appear to be what keeps medical professionals at their peak of performance. :)

The dozens of articles take you from birth to death, with everything in between: trauma, surgery, abduction, heart-stopping emergencies to really dumb reasons people go to the ER, calisthenics and boxing.

Maria at Intueri.org hosted a Literary Medblogging Project called A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words. The writing is so good, each piece took my breath away. But one took my heart: Dinosaurs Musing wrote of parents who vowed to teach their daughter “to hold her head high, ignoring the whispers and worse, trying to help her to live a full and happy life despite having only half a face to present to the world.”

Dr. Bruce Campbell wrote a suspenseful story of the young child seen in their ER who came up with this brilliant idea of setting off firecrackers and holding them between his legs while he lit them. — You’ll want to read the full article to learn what happened. His article concluded with a saying from St. Teresa of Avila: “It is extraordinary what a difference there is between understanding a thing and knowing it by experience.”

And don’t miss Six Until Me’s review of a new food product especially appreciated by a diabetic kid at heart. I don’t remember food ever being this much fun when I was a little kid.

Thank you for including Junkfood Science, for recognizing the importance of advocacy for fat children and their families, and for the Advocatius familii award. :)

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