Junkfood Science: Seeing more than a child’s size

June 26, 2007

Seeing more than a child’s size

A mother’s sweet reminder that children come in all shapes and sizes, and that they all deserve a spot in our world and hearts. This special story of Aaron begins:

The view from down here

Here’s Aaron’s view from down there, up at his dad who is about twice as tall as he is.

Aaron has officially hit the 3 foot mark. People with Down syndrome are often termed short in stature. One of the first things people notice about Aaron is that he’s a little guy. I’m forever answering the question - how old is he - with the answer - he’s four...and he’s a little guy - because of the disbelief on people’s faces. Many 2 year olds are taller than he is.

Have you noticed that our society likes to comment on the size of kids? It starts with birth - how much does the baby weigh? How long is he?....

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