Junkfood Science: Pediatric Grand Rounds

June 03, 2007

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Pediatric Grand Rounds are up at Awesome Mom! This issue offers the best blog writings on pediatric medicine, with topics such as newborn deliveries and what makes the best intensive care units, teenage drinking and driving, the latest science on summer swimming fun or exercise, plasticity of kids' brains, the mercury-autism activists heading to court, chelation quackery, new science on allergies and asthma mythology, and more.

Thank you for hosting Pediatric Grand Rounds, Awesome Mom, and for including mention of Junkfood Science:
Sandy Szwarc busts some ancient myths about sugar, Science of sweets . I must admit I had my mind blown when I read this one, it goes to show that the vast majority of the dieting gurus have no idea what the heck they are talking about. She follows up the post with some simple advice let your kid be a kid, Remembering what it’s like to be a child. She also has some great thoughts about the state of oral health. Some people are claiming that parents are rotting kid's teeth out by giving them too many sweet foods, the science says otherwise: It will rot your teeth out!

Flea, if you're reading, you are missed by all.
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