Junkfood Science: Small healing steps

May 09, 2007

Small healing steps

Behind every sufferer of an eating disorder is a family hurting. This recent post at Hungry for Hunger is a powerful look at the toll it takes on loved ones. Not sure which is more moving about this piece: the heartbreaking fact that a lovely woman could reach the point of hating her body so intensely, she can’t bear to bathe, or that there is a love so strong and special that a husband would bring music and bubbles into the shower, sing along with her and bathe her.

All the Small Things

I can’t crawl inside her head and make the pain go away. I can’t eat the meal plan for her. What I can do (and this sort of goes out to Joe, who is now in the situation I was in a year ago), is do all the small things I can to help nudge along her happiness.

.... I purchased some high-quality computer speakers and some extra-long RCA cables. I then ran those cables (nailing them in place as I went) from our computer, down the hall, and into the bathroom. She had mentioned, right up until she went in, that her body image had plummeted to the point where she actively hated and avoided showering.

That’s all over baby.

There is nothing, I repeat, nothing like listening to your favorite itune mix while lathering up, singing along, setting the tone for your morning....

You can read and listen to the entire post here.

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