Junkfood Science: May young girls hear Rachel’s words

May 23, 2007

May young girls hear Rachel’s words

Rachel at Disordered Times reflects on a simple interaction between teen girls that is repeated countless times every single day. Their concerns are common place, but they don’t understand the reality of what they’re wishing for, she explains. This is a powerful post with a very important message from someone who has been there.

Reflections on the Day

...Have you ever wished you could travel back in time, to the girl you once were, before madness and calorie-counting and dogmatic rules consumed your waking thoughts, to a time when you cared not the thump of your step or the physical space you occupied, when food was just something to be eaten, not dissected, analyzed or dominated? Do you ever wish you could travel back and whisper over that girl’s shoulder and tell her: “You’re beautiful – exactly as you are.”

I stopped in a popular clothing store tonight in search of the elusive pair of perfect jeans. A teenage employee mindlessly folded t-shirts as I browsed the nearly empty store. A friend of hers walked in, maybe 15 or 16, pale, with skin as fine as a china doll and blonde hair so platinum it shone beneath the fluorescent lights.

As I perused the store, I couldn’t help but overhear the girl speaking to her employee friend. Standing before a tall mirror, she pinched the skin beneath her bicep, frowning at the reflection staring dismally back. “I’m so fat,” she announced declaratively to her friend. “I’ve got to lose weight.” ....

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