Junkfood Science: Pediatric Grand Rounds

April 08, 2007

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Pediatric Grand Rounds are up at Dr. Flea’s site with a flea anatomy theme. The anatomy section with the most moving post was the one from the heart.

Dr. Clark Bartram of Unintelligent Design wrote about the impact that the death of a baby has on him as a father. It was the most touching essay on a parent’s love and the compassion and caring of a very special doctor. Its message seems especially appropriate this Easter morning.

I thought of my daughter, of how she just revealed to us her ability to count to twenty, skipping a few numbers here and there but with the chain fairly intact. I imagined in that instant not having had her in my life. I thought of the overwhelming joy that I would have missed out on. Even worse, I imagined knowing of her but not having her with me. I thought of not being able to experience how she would grow and mature, loving every setback along the way as much as every triumph because it would shape and mold her into a final product that I would love like no other....

I could end this post with medical facts about a rare and lethal condition. I could discuss the fact that hispanic children are at the highest risk for an unknown reason or how important it is for all women of childbearing age to make appropriate folic acid intake a daily concern. But really I just wanted to make sure that people appreciate what they have and take the time to be thankful for it.

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