Junkfood Science: Happy Easter!

April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

Here is a nutrition study that I think you will especially enjoy. It addresses important information on an Easter treat that’s been in our baskets for more than 50 years. The patients in this study "appear to be extremely insulin resistant, since all glucose measurements were read as "high" regardless of insulin dose....Despite improved nutrition status in most [patients], 33% experienced a sudden severe weight loss and wasting syndrome that remains unexplained. There is no evidence to support a viral or prion related illness in this cohort..." This was brilliantly conducted medical research and wonderfully exemplifies how we should all look at concerns about the sweet things in life.


Happy Easter!

Update: Well, apparently someone has no sense of humor at all and even the cache has even been wiped of this wonderful piece. Sorry!

[Photo: University of Virginia Health System]

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