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March 05, 2007

To illustrate....

Appearing in the Fresno Bee:

Bill to require 4 years of PE

Sen. Dean Florez says he has a solution for the childhood obesity epidemic: more gym class.

...Childhood obesity has “reached epidemic levels here in California," said Florez, D-Shafter. “Physical inactivity is obviously a major component of this."...By doubling the gym mandate, Senate Bill 750 would send physical education ahead of other core subjects in terms of minimum requirements. Students, for instance, only are required to take two years of math under state rules. Florez, an avid runner, said gym is as important as other subjects.

“Mind and body has got to be the mark of a great society -- I think we've forgotten about the body," he said...The bill goes further than a new law, set to take effect in July, that is meant to require students to take gym as long as they keep failing the state physical education test.

....To meet the requirement, schools would have to hire an average of five additional physical education instructors, Florez estimated. The cost statewide would run about $500 million a year, he said; the figure has yet to be reviewed by legislative committees....On the flip side, more gym classes could promote better overall academic performance, Resciniti said.

“Physical movement increases learning," she said. “It keeps the brain waves moving."

Like microwaves or EMFs? :)

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