Junkfood Science: The “O” word

March 29, 2007

The “O” word

Penn & Teller looked at the obesity epidemic this past week. Behind their rather lascivious, attention-getting style is some hard-hitting truth. In revealing the myths behind obesity and dieting, they also exposed the profit motives behind the creation of a crisis. Their points were illustrated in typical P&T style by visitng an obesity conference to talk with the experts and holding a “Fat Guy Olympics.” Fat women at a NAAFA social describe the discrimination faced by fat people.

According toTV Squad:

Penn & Teller come at their subjects with a mix of profanity, humor and moral righteousness. Like Houdini, who spent the latter part of his life exposing fraudulent spiritualists, Penn & Teller are men on a mission. Their collective heart is in this because, more often than not, they see people being exploited or taken advantage of by those who would perpetuate any number of falsehoods for personal gain. They're like potty-mouthed superheroes - fighting for truth, justice and the American way so long as the American way includes naked chicks and carnival barkers.

You’ve been warned: Watch at work at your own risk, unless “you’ve always wanted a paper route.”

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