Junkfood Science: Summer vacation edition of Grand Rounds

June 09, 2008

Summer vacation edition of Grand Rounds

A truly grand edition of Grand Rounds has just been published at NHS Doctor, with the best of medical articles on the net. Between breathtaking photos and thought-provoking, touching, painful and entertaining essays from healthcare professionals around the globe, there’s more than enough to keep everyone logged on for the evening. While Dr. Crippen laments that ER just isn’t the same without Dr. Mark Greene, don’t forget, there’s still House tonight!

Dr. Crippen was so generous in recognizing fellow medical writers, he didn’t include his own best quotable quote from the weekend:

Where most doctors part company with “nutritionists” is when they start to make extravagant and scientifically unfounded claims about the healing powers of particular nutritional regimens. Eat more “insert your favourite food” and you will have less chance of getting “insert your favourite cancer”...

Thank you for hosting a fabulous first-of-the-summer edition, Dr. Crippen, and for including JFS.

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